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State Legalizes Pot But Wants To Steal Constitutional Rights?

State Legalizes Pot But Wants To Steal Constitutional Rights?

Many people consider it a strange world in which marijuana is legal and guns are illegal. Many of those people grew up in an America in which pot was demonized by their parents and grandparents, and Second Amendment rights were considered sacred.

How times have changed. At least in a few areas.

California already had legalized marijuana and crazy gun control in place, but, now, another state famous for, among other things, legalizing marijuana within its borders, is seeing efforts to ban firearms. Michael Clements writes,

Colorado appears ready to join other states in quashing Second Amendment rights. A draft of the “Mass Shooting Prevention Act,” expected to be introduced in the upcoming Colorado General Assembly legislative session, was made public, and Second Amendment advocates are concerned.

“This bill uses the most insane parts of the laws from California and New York,” Taylor Rhodes, executive director of Rocky Mountain Gun Owners (RMGO), told The Epoch Times. “This doesn’t just ban many commonly owned pistols and shotguns; this will ban almost 70 percent of all firearms overnight.”

Rhodes was made aware of the bill draft almost three weeks ago. He said the proposed legislation is designed to greatly diminish Second Amendment rights in Colorado.

“You might as well call this the ‘Gun Owners Get Out of Town Bill,’” Rhodes said.

The proposed law expands the definition of “assault weapons” to cover a wide array of commonly owned rifles, pistols, and shotguns. Parts that could be used to convert a semiautomatic weapon into a so-called assault weapon would also be outlawed. The only exceptions would be guns owned before the law was enacted, which would be grandfathered in [if they can prove that they had ownership, in a yet as unspecified way, before the ban goes into effect].

You don’t have to be a Constitutional scholar to realize how completely crazy this legislation is. It is completely nuts on multiple levels.

And, based on how the U.S. Supreme Court has been ruling in regards to Second Amendment cases lately, it’s possible that this legislation will never have a chance to get implemented before it is blocked in court and overturned.

But that, obviously, isn’t stopping anti-2A nuts from trying.

And that’s why we have to continue to educate people and to fight for our Second Amendment rights.


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