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Politician Makes HYPOCRITICAL Move For Personal Protection

Politician Makes HYPOCRITICAL Move For Personal Protection

Screen capture from YouTube video.

Today’s discussion comes from the “Well, that’s one way to get around it” file.

Imagine that you have someone who is blatantly anti-gun. That person openly advocates for policies that make people, especially people in high crime neighborhoods less safe (and also makes them feel less safe). Of course, that person was elected to public office and uses funds from their campaign to pay for the safety for the office holder that they want to take from you and me.

You don’t have to imagine it. It’s all real. We’re talking about Missouri Democrat Cori Bush who is part of AOC’s “Squad” along with other rabidly anti-gun, disconnected from reality politicians.

Now, Bush made a move that makes her hypocrisy even more obvious for the world to see. She is so enamored with the need to keep herself safe that she married one of her security guards. Makes you wonder if it’s the sense of safety that she felt with her now husband carrying a firearm that attracted her to him. Could be part of it. Christ Enloe writes,

The congresswoman’s office disclosed on Sunday that earlier this month Bush married Cortney Merritts, “a security specialist who was paid more than $62,000 by Bush’s campaign in 2022,” the St. Louis Post-Dispatch reported.

Bush’s office released a statement on Monday that preemptively downplayed any appearance of impropriety regarding the payments that Bush’s campaign paid Merritts.

So, let’s see. Was it that Bush found a man packing heat attractive because he could actually protect her, or was she just looking for a way to “launder” funds from her campaign into her personal bank account?

I can’t say for sure. Frankly, it could be both.

Regardless of her motives, this move is pretty hypocritical on her part because she, now, has a guy living in her home who is almost certainly armed with a gun, but she wants to keep you and I from being able to do the same thing.

Typical hypocritical anti-2A politician.


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