Why Women Should ALWAYS Carry

Can someone answer the question of why so many anti-2A politicians want women to be in greater danger in the world?

Of course, those politicians will tell you that they want to to protect women and children, and that’s why they want to ban guns. But, regardless of their motives, the reality is a very different thing.

See, guns are the great equalizer. They take away much of the advantage of weight and physical strength that most men have over most women. Without something else to level the playing field, weight and strength can go a long way in determining who walks away from a scuffle and who is injured or killed.

But guns, because they can cause massive damage to the human body, without the shooter needing to be big or strong, allows a woman to be able to protect herself from a bigger, stronger attacker with evil intent.

Don’t believe me? Then, read this story. Dave Urbanski writes,

After a man allegedly put a woman in a choke hold at a gas station earlier this month, she escaped to a home in North Charleston, South Carolina. But her attacker allegedly followed her to the home and kicked in the screen door and main door.

However, the owner of the home reportedly was armed and opened fire on the man, wounding him and putting a stop to the attack.

It’s that simple. A guy got into an argument with a woman and followed her home to continue the antagonism (probably to more extreme physical harm). That would terrify most women (and understandably).

Fortunately, someone in the home had a firearm and was able to cause the attacker to flee.

But it likely wouldn’t have even come to that if the woman had been carrying firearm on her person (and was trained with it) when the original argument broke out at the gas station.

Most likely, no shots would have had to be fired (most instances of defensive gun use involve no shots being fired because the presence of the firearm was enough to scare off the attacker). If she had been carrying a firearm with her, she would almost certainly have been safer and there’s a good chance that no one would have gotten hurt at all.

And isn’t that the ideal situation: No one gets hurt and the would-be attacker leaves the scene?

Guns are the great equalizer, and they make women safer. There’s simply no question that women should always carry, both for their own safety and for the safety of others.

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