Anti-2A Activist: My Policies Fail, But Do Them Anyway!

Anti-2A activists are a special kind of person. I used to say that they’re either willfully ignorant, or they’re stupid. Neither is a good choice. But I came across a statement from a prominent anti-2A activist that made me consider that they may be “special” in some other kind of way.

It may not be a surprise to you that the “special” person that we’re talking about today is David Hogg who came to fame after the Parkland Florida school shooting. It may also not be a surprise to you that, where I live, the term “special” when applied to a person isn’t anything complimentary. It’s usually a reference to riding a short bus to school.

So, what (non) brilliant thing did Hogg say this time? Andrew Chapados writes,

In a recent interview with CBS News, gun control activist David Hogg boasted about guns laws he helped get passed that he says saved the life of his mother, while also admitting that added gun restrictions have not prevented further mass shootings.

Chapados continues:

The report states that Hogg acknowledges that the gun control laws that have been passed since 2018, including ones he helped get pushed through, have not stopped an increase of mass shootings in the United States, but he still believes they have stopped some.

So, let me get this straight: Hogg is proud of getting gun control laws passed that haven’t seen a net increase in saved lives?

I get him being proud about saving his mother’s life (if that law even actually did that in reality), but to push his anti-2A nonsense on the rest of the country is ridiculous, especially since he admits that they didn’t help to save lives on net.

Look, gun owners and anti-2A people both want to reduce gun violence. The difference is that gun owners acknowledge where the problem really is, and it’s not with the guns.

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