BREAKING: Did Someone Call New Pistol The ‘Micro Glock Killer’? [Video]

Screen capture from YouTube video.

In each industry, there are certain brands that are recognized even outside of that industry as leaders in that world. In guitars, for example, people recognize Fender and Gibson brand names. In the psychology world, people recognize the names of Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung. And in the firearms world, among the few brands known outside of the industry, there is Glock.

So, it makes sense that a new pistol may be marketed (or, at least, compared to) a Glock as a way for people to get an idea of what that pistol is like (and using Glock gets people’s attention, too.).

So, the question above is, “Did someone call [a] new pistol the ‘micro Glock killer?’” And the answer is that Colion Noir did ask that question about the Canik Mete MC9 pistol in the title of his video which you can watch further down in this article.

Now, the details that you need to know about the Mete MC9 are that it is smaller than Canik’s previous smallest pistol, the TP9 Elite SC, which many people loved. The Mete MC9 is .6 inches shorter (length), .48 inches shorter (height), .33 inches slimmer, and weighs 3.51 ounces less. To people not familiar with carrying concealed, these may seem like small differences, but when you’re carrying on your body, they can be significant.

If you’re wondering why Canik is coming to this part of the micro compact market so long after other manufacturers (some argue that the TP9 Elite SC isn’t actually a micro compact, that it is a hair too large to be called that), Paul Peterson writes,

“Being first to market was never the goal for us” said Canik USA National Marketing Director Adam Ruonala. “The MC9 is the perfect example of Canik’s commitment to take our time and do things the right way. We thought this out, we considered every option, we listened to what was really asked for, and we created a platform that meets all of the needs of a relatively new space in the handgun market. The Canik Mete MC9 truly was Prepared Superior.”

Of course, Canik is going to say that about their firearm, but Canik’s popularity among many pistol enthusiasts, both in the concealed carry and in the competition shooting markets, indicate that they’re doing something right.

And, yes, Colion Noir does say that Canik, at least from a looks perspective, is a “Glock killer.” He, also, clearly likes the Mete MC9. You can watch his video below.

It’s clear that Noir like the Mete MC9, and if Canik’s other fans are right, then, fans of micro compact pistols may like this pistol, too. So, if you’re in the market for a(nother) micro compact pistol, the Mete MC9 may be one to consider.

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