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When Activists Pretend To Be Legal Scholars

When Activists Pretend To Be Legal Scholars

Have you ever heard someone talking about something with an air of authority, an air of certainty, as if they absolutely know that what they’re saying is right, even though you know the subject that they’re talking about, and that speaker is just plain wrong?

Of course, you have.

And that person’s name is David Hogg. You remember him from being the face of gun control after the Parkland Florida school shooting.

Well, Hogg is still at it, and he’s still clueless (I would say on a number of issues, but, especially, on gun control). In today’s story, we’ll talk about how Hogg is pretending to be a legal scholar while clearly not having any idea what he is talking about. Alex Nitzberg writes,

Gun control activist David Hogg has said that he thinks the Second Amendment was not intended to be “an individual right” but that it “has been intentionally misinterpreted.”

The text of the Second Amendment states, “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”

“After reading about the history of the second amend and talking with a lot of hist & law professors- I believe the second amendment has been intentionally misinterpreted. It was never meant as an individual right it was created to protect state militias like the national guard,” Hogg wrote.

That would sound logical except that it’s just wrong. Completely wrong.

See, the meaning of well-regulated in that time period was not about government control. It meant that the militia was prepared to fight, not that the government controlled firearm ownership, but that it could do the job of protecting the people.

The militia is the local line level of being able to protect people, and it’s not run by the government. It’s you and me and the firearms that we own. Government control of that just gets in the way of us being able to do that job.

David Hogg needs to pull his head out of his behind and read some history and legal books by people with no other agenda than the truth.


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