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Smart Gun? Don’t BET YOUR LIFE On It

Smart Gun? Don’t BET YOUR LIFE On It

Smart guns are a dream for anti–2A people. Pushing for the development of smart guns allows them to tell people that they’re not anti–gun, despite the truth of the matter.

Now, just the very fact that anti–2A people are pushing for smart guns should be a warning sign to you if you’re considering getting one. If they’re pushing for them, there’s something more that they aren’t telling us (like how they’ll use the electronics in smart guns to lock everyday Americans out of being able to use their guns).

But that’s a topic for another article. Today, we’re going to talk about why you don’t want to bet your life on a smart gun. Ever.

See, you want a firearm that you can bet your life on, that you trust to do what you need it to do if that horrible situation comes up in which you need to pull the trigger. And I’ve yet to hear a report of a smart gun that goes bang every time that you need it to do so. Here’s something about the latest one to try. David Codrea writes,

“US ‘smart gun’ which opens with facial recognition fails during demonstration,” The Telegraph reported Friday. “In a demonstration at Biofire headquarters in Broomfield, Colorado, [company founder Kai] Kloepfer initially fired a round without issue and set the gun down. Then another man tried to shoot but was unable to because the gun did not recognise his face. Mr Kloepfer then came back to fire it again. It was at that point the gun unexpectedly went click on two occasions, though it did fire on subsequent trigger pulls.”

It wasn’t the electronics, Kloepfer maintained, insisting the problem was mechanical. Besides, it also works on fingerprint recognition.

I don’t know about you, but as for me, I don’t care if the problem was electronic or mechanical. In the case of a smart gun, a failure in either system could mean that you get killed because it wouldn’t do what you needed it to do.

Personally, I’ll stick with my “stupid” gun that goes bang every time when I pull the trigger, and I recommend that you do, too.


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