What Is Causing The Complete FAILURE Of These Policies?

I’m sick of it. I’m sick and tired of all of these shootings, of all of the violence and death. Of all of the murders and chaos in big cities. It’s just sickening.

After all, those cities have an abundance of gun control.

What’s that? You thought that I was going to push for gun control starting out this article like that? I can understand why you would have thought that considering that anti-2A politicians like to start their speeches that way when they get on their soap box and pretend that they have some moral high ground for wanting to disarm Americans.

But that’s a moral high ground that they don’t have.

In fact, the statistics are clear: Where legal gun ownership is easier and more readily available (in other words, where this is less gun control), overall violence and murder rates decrease. There’s just no question when you look at the statistics in context.

Don’t believe me? Then, you’re the one who has to explain the horrible shootings in a city with strict gun control over a weekend just a few weeks ago. Paul Sacca gives us the horrible details:

One person is dead and at least 20 people were shot during a Juneteenth celebration in a Chicago suburb, according to authorities.

The mass shooting occurred at a strip mall hosting a large Juneteenth party in Willowbrook, Illinois.

Now, Chicago has gun control. Lots of it. But it is still one of the most violent areas in the entire United States. If that’s how gun control “helps” gun violence, then, I don’t want any part of that “help,” and, I suspect, neither do you.

And if anti-2A zealots are going to have any credibility for their support of gun control, then, they need to explain why these types of things are happening where they already have the policies that they want.

Because the rest of us, the rational people of the world, want no part of the violence that gun control allows to happen. And that’s one of the reasons that we own (and train with) our guns.

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