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SECRET Reason Anti-Gunners Won’t Support Gavin Newsom’s Gun Control Proposal

SECRET Reason Anti-Gunners Won’t Support Gavin Newsom’s Gun Control Proposal

You don’t have to be a supporter of gun rights to oppose California Governor Gavin Newsom’s policy positions, but if you do support the Second Amendment, then, there’s no question that you oppose Newsom.

Why? Because Newsom hasn’t met a gun restriction that he doesn’t support. All while surrounding himself with guards armed with firearms (no surprise there). For example, he recently proposed a 28th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. What would that amendment do, if ratified? It would strip Americans of gun rights, of course (you can read more about that proposal here).

It sounds exactly like something that other anti-2A politicians would support, doesn’t it? Yes, it does, but some anti-2A zealots don’t support this proposal. Maybe you’re wondering why that is. It’s a great question, Tom Knighton writes,

See, it’s not that [anti-2A people] oppose these [proposed gun control] measures–how could they when they’ve been pushing for these exact policies for years now–it’s that they don’t like the fact that this amendment codifies pretty much these specific regulations.

As such, depending on the wording of the proposed amendment, it may well make it more difficult for gun control groups to push their preferred policies because hey, the 28th Amendment exists.

From a purely strategic point of view, I can kind of see their point. While Newsom appears inclined to also have the amendment allow some degree of new gun control, for anti-gunners, the problem is that it doesn’t really solve the issue.

What they won’t say is that it doesn’t allow them to eventually ban just about everything.

So while they won’t oppose it, they’re not going to trip over themselves to offer even tentative support here and now. They’re especially unlikely to do anything to back it when everyone knows it’s just not going to happen.

It’s all so clear now.

They are concerned that implementing gun control on the Constitutional level will prevent them from banning guns completely, and they’re looking at the long game here.

It’s smart on their part, I’ll give them that. That doesn’t change the fact that they’re wrong on every level for supporting any type of gun control.


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