With 1 Tweet, Congressman DESTROYS Kamala Harris’s Nonsense Arguments

There are, if I’m being generous, about as many members of Congress whose politics that I like as I can count on one hand. And that’s not using all of the fingers on that hand (yes, I’ve been called grumpy and disagreeable).

I’m okay with that because those people whose policies that I like I genuinely believe help all Americans with those policies. You know, policies like actually believing the Second Amendment is for all Americans and believing that the government should work for us instead of the reverse.

One of those rare people in Congress is Kentucky Representative Thomas Massie, a graduate (with two degrees) from MIT, and an unwavering supporter of the Second Amendment.

Because of this position, Massie gets under the skin of anti-2A zealots and unprincipled politicians, in general. For example, Nancy Pelosi called him a “nuisance” (I’m not kidding.). I would wear that accusation as a badge of honor coming from her.

And Massie doesn’t mind going after the hypocrites in the anti-2A movement. People like Kamala Harris. You can see him take down Harris in one tweeted reply below (hat tip to here for the lead).

Massie nailed it (and her) with that reply.

Gun control isn’t about keeping everyday Americans safe. It’s about making them vulnerable and dependent on the government (something that the founding fathers never wanted). Tom Knighton puts it this way when he writes:

One talking point used by gun control proponents is that these guns have no value outside of a battlefield. They’re only good for killing a lot of people very quickly and so they have no place on our streets, as Harris argued in her tweet.

Then why do agencies like the IRS, the Department of Education, and the EPA need weapons that are only good for killing a lot of people very quickly?

Knighton continues:

Yet we get asked for a good reason why we need [AR-15s].

Well, here’s the reason. Our government has armed pretty much every federal agency with weapons the head of our government claims is only good for massacring people. Since it’s pretty clear they’re not going to massacre themselves, that just leaves us.

Looking at it that way makes you feel pretty vulnerable and in danger, doesn’t it?

It should because it’s the truth.

So, thank you to Thomas Massie for having the guts and principled character almost no other members of Congress have.

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