INFURIATING New Worldwide Plan To Stop Your Guns, Ammunition Purchases [Video]

I’m not one who tends to go for “conspiracy theories,” unless there is evidence to show that the conspiracy actually happened (or is, at least, being planned). That’s why I try to stay away from speculation that I haven’t been able to confirm. I prefer to stick with the facts.

When there is real evidence of a conspiracy or plans for a conspiracy, though, that’s something to be concerned about. Because it means that someone is actively thinking about how to put that conspiracy into place. Whether it’s the right thing to do or whether you or I want it to happen.

So, what we’re going to talk about today is a real conspiracy, not a hypothesis, and not a theory. A real conspiracy, a real proposal on how governments around the world can have more control over certain things like Americans being able to exercise our Second Amendment rights. This comes to us from a writer going by AnnieOakley, who writes,

Eswar Prasad is a senior professor of international trade policy at Cornell University and a senior fellow at the Brookings Institution who formerly worked as the chief of the the International Monetary Fund’s Financial Studies Division.

Now, listen to what Prasad said to the World Economic Forum recently:

Okay, now, just to clarify for those who haven’t been keeping up on crytocurrency, the CBDC that Prasad is talking about in the above video is a “central bank digital currency.” Think crypto that the government tracks and controls. In the case of tracking ammunition sales, or banning ammunition sales, as Prasad advocates in the video above, CBDC is like banks tracking firearms purchases, but putting that tracking on steroids.

He is literally laying out a framework where governments can prevent their people from buying guns, ammunition, or accessories without having to go through the trouble of passing laws (which, of course, Joe Biden would love). And they would simply say, “We didn’t ban guns. We just prevent you from being able to pay for them. if you can find a way to pay for them, then, you can have them.”

It’s the type of honesty that we saw in communist countries where they held elections, and, when the communist candidates won, they would say, “Hey, the people voted for these candidate who were democratically elected.” They just conveniently left out the part that the only candidate on the ballot was the communist one.

This is scary stuff, and this is why you need to be contacting your representatives in Congress to oppose CBDCs.

Because our Second Amendment rights are vitally important if you want to pass on a free country to your children and grandchildren.

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