Is This The NEXT Step In Banning Guns?

One of the great ironies of life is that those on the anti-2A side of politics who say that they want gun control and to ban guns to “keep everyone safe” are the exact people that everyday Americans like you and me are trying to keep ourselves safe from.

How many criminals tend to vote for pro-2A political candidates? You don’t tend to hear about them. And anti-2A political candidates are the ones that tend to happily use laws that they passed and the power of government to try to get what they want whether anyone else agrees with them.

And if they can’t do that, then, those same anti-2A people are the sue happy people clogging up the court system.

Do you think that I’m exaggerating about that? I’m not, actually. And we have proof of that for you today. John Crump writes,

The mayor of Philadelphia has called for the families of the victims of a mass shooting over the Independence Day holiday to sue gun dealers, and gun shows out of business.

The city of Philadelphia has been plagued with violence under the leadership of Mayor Jim Kenney since he took office. The city has attempted to restrict the Second Amendment rights of its residents, leaving them defenseless against criminals and gangs that infest the City of Brotherly Love.

Over the long holiday weekend, a crazed madman disregarded the city’s laws and shot and killed five people, including a fifteen-year-old boy. Instead of addressing the violence that infests the nation’s birthplace, the mayor has targeted the gun industry by pushing the victim’s families to file lawsuits against gun shops and shows, claiming that these businesses should not have sold guns to the shooter.

The mayor didn’t say what “red flags” the murderer exhibited. 

You can see a brief clip of the mayor talking about his thoughts on the situation below.

Now, I don’t know the specifics of where this shooter obtained whatever firearms that person used to do these horrible things. I do find it interesting, though, that the mayor immediately jumped on the idea that gun dealers and gun shows broke the law in some way in order for this person to have firearms. Never mind how many reports of the ATF’s background check system failing, and never mind that most criminals get their guns illegally (in other words, not from a legal firearms dealer or gun show transaction).

Does he know that the criminal purchased their guns through legal means? No, he doesn’t. The fact that, in the above video, he talked about finding out where the guns were obtained clearly shows that he is jumping to conclusions in order to demonize gun dealers.

In truth, what he should be doing is encouraging the law-abiding majority in his city to get their own legal firearms, get trained, carry daily, and scare criminals and would-be murderers into keeping their evil tendencies to themselves.

Until, then, keep an eye on these anti-2A politicians who may starting trying to sue to get the result that they can’t get through legal means (in other words, through passing laws).

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