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How to Build a Proper Shooting Stance

How to Build a Proper Shooting Stance

Jeff, our Head Instructor at Patriot Training Center and I filmed this free Youtube video showing the two different stances we personally use and some things to look for when choosing the right stance for you.

Building a proper shooting stance can help a tremendous amount with shooting any gun. With a pistol it is even more important considering you don’t have a stock to stabilize and absorb recoil with.

Now having a proper stance might not matter as much on your first shot, but it’s crucial for being able to recover from recoil and place quick and effective follow up shots. 

It can be really tricky to find which stance you need to shoot with. There are so many to choose from I’d never have time to write them down here. 

It also really doesn’t matter which one you choose as long as you can control the gun and shoot accurately fast. 

I think there are some stances that are better than others but ultimately you will have to figure out what works best for you and your body type.

Here is a FREE Youtube video with us explaining what we use.

Applying these fundamentals can give you a good starting point but it won’t get you 100% there unless you train with it. It can be really helpful to have an expert watch what you are doing to give you recommendations on choosing your stance and how to shoot better as a whole.

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