Why They Want To DISARM You [Video]

Most people don’t pay attention. They don’t pay attention to and think about what is really going on. The question is: Are you one of the people who is not paying attention?

Now, before you think that I’m going off on some half-baked conspiracy theory, I’m not. I’m talking about human nature’s tendency to not want to see things that they don’t want to see, and i’m talking about the horrible intentions that some people in the world have toward you. And your children.

So, here’s what is going on: There are people, predators, who want to do horrible things to your kids. And many people ask what we can do to prevent children from being vulnerable to those predators.

The answers that they come up with are, usually, things like raising kids’ self-esteem, helping them to learn how to say no to other people, and things like that. And those are all good things to teach children.

The problem is that the predators are less concerned about you teaching kids to have self-esteem. It’s true. What predators are more concerned about is that they are looking for kids with parents who aren’t dangerous. Specifically, they look for kids whose fathers aren’t a threat in the real world.

To help explain this situation, you can watch the not quite 5 1/2 minute video from Nick Freitas, a member of the Virginia House of Delegates, below.

Did you watch the video? Then, you know the implications of child predators focusing on children with non-threatening fathers.

And you also know why child predators seem to almost always (maybe always) support political parties that push for gun control.

It’s not hard to see why. They want you disarmed. They want you less dangerous. They want you weak. Because it’s easier for them to abuse your children if you are weak, if you are disarmed.

Yes, they really do want you disarmed, and you should also be asking how many of the people who are pushing so hysterically for gun control really want that to protect themselves. Protect themselves from who? To protect themselves from you when they try to groom and abuse your children.

Never voluntarily give up your firearms. You make it easier for your kids to be abused if you do.

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