How FLORIDA MAN Gun Video Can Save You Money On Your Wife’s Shopping

Many people will read the headline of this article and think that it has something to do with Florida Governor Ron DeSantis. Though we like DeSantis’s positions on gun rights, this doesn’t have anything to do with him.

No, the headline has to do with a strange situation that happened in Miami, Florida, and the surprising lesson that it may have for you and me.

So, since I’ve peaked your interest, now, maybe you’re now asking: what happened? Paul Sacca gives us the details:

Shocking video shows a harrowing situation when a man took hostages at knifepoint at a Victoria’s Secret store in Miami Beach on Thursday. The nail-biting standoff ended with police fatally shooting the perp.

An escaped convict from New Hampshire took hostages at a Victoria’s Secret store in Miami Beach, Florida.

Darien Young, 29, escaped from the minimum-security Calumet House Transitional Housing Unit near Concord, New Hampshire, on July 21, according to the New Hampshire Department of Corrections.

Young had been suspected of shoplifting at the lingerie store on Lincoln Road, WPLG reported.

Disturbingly, the guy took a mother and daughter hostage at knifepoint when confronted in the store. A horrible, scary situation for that mother and daughter. That threat of harm is likely what made the shooting by law enforcement justified.

You can watch below a news report about the situation which shows some of the incident caught on camera (viewer discretion advised).

Now, you may be asking how this story can save you money. It’s a valid question. The answer: Don’t shop at expensive boutiques like Victoria’s Secret.

Okay, admittedly, that “advice” for saving you money is given tongue in cheek and is meant for humor. What is serious, though, is that even high-end locations like a Victoria’s Secret shop aren’t immune to the threat of violence from criminals, and you need to remember that.

Your spouse and children need to remember that, too, and they need to train and carry everyday because stories like this could have turned out much worse with innocent people dying.

You don’t want that to happen to your spouse or children.

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