You Won’t Believe This SHOCKING SCOTUS Freeze On A Ruling

Since day one in office, Joe Biden’s administration has been hot and heavy pushing for gun control and trying to limit Americans’ Second Amendment rights. Dictators (and would-be dictators) always do that.

So, it’s no surprise that the Biden administration is going after unregistered firearms in their efforts to track and disarm Americans (dictators always want to know about any weapons that could be used to resist them in the future) even when the Americans who have firearms built at home or which are inherited from a time before registrations are overwhelmingly the law-abiding folks who keep this country going and aren’t causing trouble.

Thankfully, not all court judges are sympathetic to limiting Americans’ rights (probably because those judges actually take their oaths of office seriously), so, the Biden administration has had some court losses in their gun control efforts. That is good.

However, there was a recent temporary freeze issued by the Supreme Court Of The United States in favor of the Biden administration with it’s attempt to to prevent all unregistered firearms. That’s frustrating but wouldn’t be surprising if the justice who issued the freeze was one of the left-leaning judges. But who issued this one is a big surprise. Allen Zhong writes,

U.S. Supreme Justice Samuel Alito on Friday temporarily froze a lower court order and revived the Biden administration’s restriction on so-called ghost guns.

The action by Justice Alito, who handles emergency matters arising from a group of states including Texas, effectively freezes the litigation as the court weighs a request on Thursday from the Biden administration to reinstate the rule pending an appeal before the New Orleans-based 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals.

He put the case on hold for one week, until Aug. 4, and gave the rule’s challengers until Aug. 2 to respond to the administration’s request.

Justice Alito’s order also stayed the nationwide injunction against the Justice Department (DOJ) rule issued by U.S. Judge Reed O’Connor earlier this month.

Judge O’Connor of the U.S. District Court for the North District of Texas, an appointee by former President George W. Bush, said the DOJ rule was in violation of existing law.

Now, Alito is generally considered one of the conservative justices on the court, right now, so, he isn’t one of the ones that you would expect to side with the Biden administration on gun control. So, why did he side with the openly anti-Constitutional Biden administration on this Second Amendment issue?

I don’t know.

Thankfully, though, it is a very short freeze on the ban on the Biden administration’s rule, so, hopefully, we’ll see the right thing done after this freeze is over.

And what is that right thing? Just throw out the Biden administration’s efforts to push gun control wholesale. None of them have any redeeming qualities, legally or practically.

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