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Biden’s ATF Called Out For INTENTIONALLY Using ‘Fuzzy’ Data Against You

Biden’s ATF Called Out For INTENTIONALLY Using ‘Fuzzy’ Data Against You

The dishonesty of the current administration is appalling. There doesn’t seem to be any extreme that they’ll go to in their efforts to reshape this country to their twisted ideals. It would be unbelievable if it weren’t so easy to see everywhere.

Now, it’s true that you can find examples of their deception efforts in plenty of fields, but we’re going to focus on their deceptions around gun ownership and gun violence. See, the Biden administration is trying to control the narrative by creating fake news about guns and gun violence. Michael Clements writes,

“It is probable that current trace data [tracing where firearms were obtained] significantly underrepresents the number of PMFs [PRIVATELY MADE FIREARMS] recovered in crimes by LEAs due to a variety of challenges presented by PMFs,” ATF spokesperson Kristina Mastropasqua, wrote in an Aug. 23 email to The Epoch Times.

An attorney with the Mountain State’s Legal Foundation, suing the government over its “frame or receiver rule” that treats certain gun parts like firearms, disagrees.

“All the data shows the 80-percent receivers and privately made firearms are not the problem,” Brian Abbas told The Epoch Times on Aug. 21.

Clements continues:

“A trace is to determine how firearms wind up in the hands of criminals. Just because it was traced doesn’t mean it was used in a crime,” Mr. Abbas said.

He also pointed out that the ATF doesn’t define a “crime gun.” He said a crime gun could be a gun discarded in a trash can behind a grocery store, a rifle used in a murder, a revolver in the glove box of a car owned by a man charged with drunk driving, or a pistol with the serial number obscured.

“Do they suspect it’s a crime gun simply because it doesn’t have a serial number?” he asked.

To answer his question, yes, that is exactly what they are implying, though, I doubt that anti-2A politicians really believe the nonsense that they spout about gun control. They have the statistics, and they can get the context. If they don’t know the truth, that’s intentional on their part, and it’s because they are intentional liars.

I’ll let you decide which is the case with them.


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