Home News Biden Admin FINALLY Shows All Their Cards: They’re Coming For Your Guns

Biden Admin FINALLY Shows All Their Cards: They’re Coming For Your Guns

Biden Admin FINALLY Shows All Their Cards: They’re Coming For Your Guns

One of the biggest dangers of gun control is one that anti-2A zealots shrug off as a non-existent issue, pretending that it doesn’t exist so that they can try to avoid talking about it.

What is that danger? It’s that, in their mind, there is never enough of it. In their minds, there is never enough gun control, never enough restriction of your Second Amendment rights, never enough power over you and me by disarming us.

Call it “scope creep” as a long-term outcome or a “slippery slope,” the effect is the same: if you give an inch, they take a mile.

And the Biden administration is proving that is a problem yet again with a new “proposed” rule (hat tip to here and here for the lead). From the press release on the Biden administration White House’s website:

[I]f you are offering a firearm for sale to make money, and telling a customer that you can purchase and sell him additional firearms, you would presumptively need a license—and need to run background checks. The same is true if you repetitively offer for resale firearms within 30 days of when you purchased them. The proposed rule includes a number of other situations where, in civil and administrative proceedings and absent reliable evidence to the contrary, it will be presumed that you need a license.

So, how you should read this is: If you buy two guns and figure out that you don’t like them pretty quickly, then, you should sell one for a loss. Otherwise, the Biden admin thinks that you should get an FFL with all that that entails like the extreme record keeping.

Of course, the Biden administration also says that “If you have a gun you no longer need, and you want to sell it to your family member, you do not need a license to sell it. If you buy and sell curios or relics or “collectible” personal firearms as a hobby, again, you do not need a license.” But who are they kidding?

They’re basing this proposed rule (which, considering that it’s the Biden administration, is almost certain to be implemented) on a law that wasn’t intended to completely eliminate the sale a firearms privately between two individuals. And they’re working towards interpreting that law to shut down firearms auction sites and private sales of firearms.

And, as John Crump notes, “FFL revocation is up between 350% and 500% and is currently at a 17-year high.”

So, if you have to have an FFL to privately sell your own personal firearms and the Biden ATF if revoking FFLs at an unprecedented rate, what does that mean?

It means that the Biden administration is trying to make it difficult, if not downright illegal, for you or anyone else to buy guns.

Tell me again how (as he said while campaigning in 2020) Joe Biden supports the Second Amendment?


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