New Gun Ownership Report Scares The Sh#t Out Of Joe Biden

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If there’s one thing that anti-2A people hate, it’s the idea of not being able to control other people’s lives. Sure, they tend to say that all they’re trying to do is to protect people and to save lives, but the results of what they propose just keep proving that to be a lie.

No, it’s pretty clear that they have a different motivation for pushing gun control, and a new report came out that has anti-2A zealots like Joe Biden and his entire administration running to the toilet to keep from soiling themselves (hat tip to here for the lead).

What does this report say that has Biden and company so terrified? Paul Bedard gives us the details:

A surge in “quiet gun owners,” much like the so-called “silent majority” in political circles, is leading firearms analysts to believe that far more Americans own weapons than the accepted 30% cited in polls.

At the highest end, it’s possible that up to 60% of Americans own guns, especially with the pandemic-era rise in gun buying among women and minorities, especially in suburban and urban areas.

Bedard continues:

[J.D. Tuccille] also wrote in Reason, “With gun ownership becoming increasingly common beyond the traditional ranks of white suburban-to-rural men, there are big implications for politics and policy. New gun owners will certainly resist proposals to strip them of self-defense tools they acquired out of necessity.”

He continued, “They’re also likely to resent restrictive policies that urban, left-of-center politicians promote to torment gun owners once assumed to be safe targets, but which apply to anybody who owns firearms no matter where they live and vote. Basically, the gun-ownership landscape is growing and changing, but new owners are even more reticent than established ones about revealing their existence to researchers and government officials.”

So, significantly more than half of all Americans likely own guns, now, and, with FBI statistics stating that, at least, 48 million guns have been sold in the last four years in the U.S., it’s pretty clear that Biden’s worst nightmare is happening.

Biden’s anti-gun rhetoric not only means that he will have less ability to intimidate Americans into submission with the threat of government force, but it also means that his plans to push gun control as a (supposedly) winning issue in 2024, is almost certainly a losing decision.

So, Joe is having to run to the toilet while you and I can celebrate because more and more Americans are deciding to exercise their right to keep and bear arms.

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