Watch Black Sheriff DESTROY Active Shooter Narrative [Video]

Screenshot from YouTube video.

Why is it that people in law enforcement so often seem to have difficulty just saying exactly what the truth is about gun violence and mass shootings? Maybe it’s that the mainstream legacy media (which is overwhelmingly anti-gun) is only showing commentary from law enforcement officers with that same wrong-headed viewpoint.

Whatever the reason is, it’s incredibly refreshing when you come across a news clip of a law enforcement officer who says what we, in the gun community, have been saying for years: guns aren’t the problem. People with evil intent are the problem. Period.

And you’ll get to the see Jacksonville, Florida sheriff, T.K. Waters, apparently during a news conference after the horrible active shooter incident that happened there two weeks ago, setting the record straight about where the blame belongs in the gun violence debate. You can watch Colion Noir’s video with that news clip below.

Good for Sheriff Waters for being blunt about this issue and just destroying the anti-2A argument about active shooting situations (blaming the gun and not the person shooting).

As Colion Noir says in his commentary after the video clip with Sheriff Waters, the only time that anyone every blames the tool for horrible things is when it comes to gun violence. In no other situation does that even come up. When a drunk driver kills someone in an accident, no one ever says, “Oh, that poor victim of alcohol. We should punish alcohol and get that drunk driver therapy for feeling guilty about something that isn’t his fault!”

No, we never say that. We say that the drunk driver should go to jail for killing someone in an accident because he made the horrible decision to drive drunk.

The blatant hypocrisy over the gun issue has to stop. Guns are never to blame for the bad actions of people. Guns are a tool. And if anti-2A people want to reduce violence and deaths, then, they need to address the issues leading to people devaluing the lives of other people so much that they accept the twisted and evil idea that murder is okay.

That anti-2A people aren’t trying to address that root issue, but are, instead, blaming the tool, makes it clear that gun control isn’t really about saving lives. It’s about control, control over you and me.

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