Home News 1 State SLAMMED With Lawsuits Over Insane New Legislation

1 State SLAMMED With Lawsuits Over Insane New Legislation

1 State SLAMMED With Lawsuits Over Insane New Legislation

The older that I get, the more that I’m convinced that some states are run by imbeciles. But maybe I’m being too harsh. Maybe those politicians are, actually, smart, and it’s the people voting for them that care more about “intentions” than about outcomes who are the real imbeciles being played for personal benefit by the politically leftist politicians they vote for.

I’ll let you decide which is more often the case.

What I will say, though, is that there are a few states that excel in passing stupid anti-2A laws that they know will get thrown out of court because, well, they’re stupid anti-2A laws that clearly violate the Constitution. Especially after the New York State Rifle & Pistol Association v Bruen case. And one of the states topping that list of wasting tax payers’ dollars by using them to try to steal people’s rights is California (I know that you’re surprised).

What won’t surprise you, though, is that several groups are already filing lawsuits over a new (and idiotic) gun bill heading to gaven Newsom’s desk. Jill McLaughlin writes,

Some private citizens and several gun-owner organizations are suing California over controversial new restrictions on concealed carry permits passed by the state Legislature Sept. 12.

The Second Amendment Foundation, a national nonprofit that supports gun rights, filed the federal lawsuit in district court against California’s Attorney General Rob Bonta hours after Senate Bill 2 passed the state Senate.

The lawsuit claims the legislation, which awaits Gov. Gavin Newsom’s signature to become law, makes nearly every public venue in the state a “sensitive place,” which prohibits the carrying of firearms by citizens who hold concealed carry weapons permits.

“SB 2 is designed to frustrate and ultimately discourage individuals from exercising their right to bear arms by creating a patchwork of locations where Second Amendment rights may, or may not, be exercised,” the foundation’s executive director Adam Kraut said in a statement Sept. 13. “That is not how constitutional rights work.”

In the bill, private citizens with such permits can carry on some streets and sidewalks, and in a few private businesses if they post signs declaring publicly that it allows firearms on the premises.

Because that isn’t illegal, right, to prevent legal gun owners, even with permits, to have their firearms with them when they would actually need them? Such as when you’re walking in downtown San Francisco and other places that have turned into bombed out wastelands, from what many are reporting.

And what makes this nonsense even worse is that the people passing this garbage legislation in California are on the government payroll paid for by tax dollars, and those politicians know that the legislation won’t stop gun violence and won’t hold up in court.

What a monumental waste of time and money at taxpayer expense. It’s ridiculous.


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