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Biden Admin Goes Full CLOWN WORLD With New Executive Order

Biden Admin Goes Full CLOWN WORLD With New Executive Order

Some people are scared of clowns. Absolutely terrified of them. And stories like Stephen King’s It with the murderous Pennywise the clown certainly didn’t help that reputation among those who feel a knee-jerk sense of extreme fear when seeing a clown.

The clown that most Americans should probably be concerned about, though, isn’t something from a book. No, it’s the guy occupying the White House who, with a recent executive order, went full clown world with how he is approaching one of his pet issues. Caden Pearson writes,

President Joe Biden on Friday afternoon announced the White House Office of Gun Violence Prevention to pass gun safety legislation at the state level, saying he’s “determined to send a clear message.”

The newly formed office, which was made by executive order, will be led by Vice President Kamala Harris. The office will be run with the help of gun safety advocates, according to White House officials.

Speaking from the Rose Garden late Friday afternoon, President Biden, a Democrat, expressed his dedication to gun control measures, describing the prevalence of mass shootings as an epidemic.

“This new White House Office of Gun Violence Prevention … will drive and coordinate a government and a nationwide effort to reduce gun violence in America,” President Biden said.

He went on to say that he was “determined to send a clear message about how important this issue is to me and to the country.”

The president noted that Americans have pleaded with him to “do something” to prevent mass shootings.

Here’s the thing, if Biden really wants to do something to prevent mass shootings, the solution is to completely get rid of gun-free zones because more than one shooter’s manifesto said that those murderers chose a gun-free zone to start shooting because they could kill more people before anyone could show up to shoot back at them.

The second way to reduce mass shooting deaths massively (and you already know this if you’ve watched the videos in our post here), is to have someone armed and trained on site to be able to shoot back. Active shooters are overwhelmingly stopped by someone else with a gun. Often that is law enforcement, but if a law-abiding citizen with a firearm is on site, they often save many, many lives by being able to neutralize the threat before law enforcement is able to arrive.

The answers to the mass shooting problem aren’t hard to understand.

Unless you’re a clown pretending to be President of the United States, it seems.


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