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An EDC Rifle? [Video]

An EDC Rifle? [Video]

EDC. Everyday Carry. That’s a term that most people use when referring to the pistol that they carry everyday (thus the name) for personal protection: Their everyday carry pistol.

I have also seen that term used to refer to the basic “gear” that a person carries with them daily which can include a knife, a flashlight, and tactical pens, but this usage is still less common, generally speaking.

What you don’t normally hear about, though, as everyday carry items are rifles. It’s not like you can put a rifle in your pocket or in a holster on your belt. So, would it even make sense to call a rifle an EDC firearm?

That’s a great question, and, in general, most people would likely say no, unless you live in a war zone like Iraq during the gulf war or sections of Chicago which are war zones.

One reviewer does seem to consider one rifle an EDC Rifle, and Tom Beckstrand gives hints as to why that may be. Beckstrand writes,

It’s not every day that I find a rifle that gets all the details for its intended application correct, especially when that application is general use. “General use” means the gun might be used for hunting, ringing steel, or self-­defense, and it is almost impossible to build one rifle that is capable of doing all those things. However, Franchi managed to do it with its new Momentum All-­Terrain Elite. The list of features found on this rifle makes it an ideal general-­use bolt-­action rifle for a wide range of applications.

Beckstrand goes on to write about this rifle’s rigid stock helping with accuracy and its flat forend, writing, “This forend is slender enough for offhand shooting but wide enough to ride field supports well.”

You can see the video mentioned earlier referring to the All-Terrain Momentum as an EDC rifle below.

Now that you know about it, if you’re looking for a different time of EDC firearm, this may be a rifle to consider.

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