Home News TOO FAR? Company Celebrates Anti-2A Legislator In Shocking Way

TOO FAR? Company Celebrates Anti-2A Legislator In Shocking Way

TOO FAR? Company Celebrates Anti-2A Legislator In Shocking Way

I won’t pretend that I’ve ever been a fan of former Senator from California Dianne Feinstein. Her policies have been an effort to push our country in the absolute wrong direction, in my opinion.

But you may ask why I’m referring to Feinstein as the former Senator from California, and the answer is that Mrs. Feinstein died a few days ago.

Of course, some, like California Governor Gavin Newsom, who I also think is wrong on every issue that I’ve heard him talk about, raved about how great Feinsten was as a Senator representing her donors the people of California.

Not everyone feels that same way, though, and Fenix Ammunition, in their responses to Feinstein’s death, “crossed a line” according to at least one person. Alex Nitzberg writes,

An ammunition company is celebrating the death of Democratic Sen. Dianne Feinstein of California by offering free shipping on ammunition orders to the Golden State.

“To celebrate the death of @SenFeinstein, we’re offering free shipping on ammunition to California customers today through October 31st,” Fenix Ammunition tweeted. “Simply select ‘Good Riddance, Dianne’ at checkout! Evil authoritarians should be mocked in death the same as they are in life. No quarter.”

When one person objected to this response as being too harsh, Fenix Ammunition tweeted the following.

They followed up by saying “People like [Feinstein] are responsible for disarming thousands of Americans and putting them into positions where they can’t defend themselves or their families. We’ll celebrate in exactly the same way when Nancy Pelosi, Beto O’Rourke, Michael Bloomberg, or anyone else of that ilk finally keels over. Can’t happen soon enough.” The tweet is below (language warning).

And if there is any doubt how Fenix Ammunition feels about Feinstein, they also tweeted the following, which will likely offend a number of people who opposed Feinstein’s policies, too, due to its crassness (you’ve been warned).

Should Fenix Ammunition have celebrated Feinstein’s passing in this way? I don’t, personally, wish death on anyone, but I’ll let you decide that for yourself.

What is clear, though, is that Californians may, finally, have the chance to put someone into that Senate seat who actually cares about people’s rights and about real-world ways of helping the people of California instead of pushing leftist political agendas, and that is a good thing.


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