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Should You Carry This UNDERRATED Pistol?

Should You Carry This UNDERRATED Pistol?

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There is a line of reasoning that says that, if most people say one thing, then, it must be right. And, to be fair, there is a logic to that reasoning that is valid (after all, most readers of this site would probably say that carrying a firearm daily is a good idea. And I agree with that.).

On the flip side, though, is the argument that the majority of people are wrong about any topic that you talk about, at least when it comes to the details. So, for example, some may argue that you should carry different carry pistols for different situations based on differences in clothing choices and environment. Others may argue that you should always carry the same firearm as your daily carry so that drawing and using that firearm becomes second nature over time through repetition. Both ideas can’t be right all of the time.

So, taking this idea further, maybe it’s a good idea to consider today’s firearm, a pistol that the title of one video calls “THE Most Underrated Pistol of 2023” if for no other reason than that is it “underrated.” Because that could mean that it’s got something exceptional about it if you value contrary thinking.

What pistol is that? The Beretta PX4. Alex Joseph gives us details about this pistol:

The Px4 is notable because it combines the rotating barrel of the Beretta 8000 with the trigger/safety system of the 92/M9. At the same time, the Px4 has a completely different outward design from either pistol.

Joseph continues:

The most notable design feature of the Px4 is its rotating barrel, which was brought over from the previous Beretta 8000. The rotating barrel means that quite literally, when the slide is pulled to the rearward (or moved forward), the barrel rotates. This rotating barrel system stands in stark contrast to the far more common Browning lock-up system.

According to Beretta, the rotating barrel makes the Px4 easier to shoot because it tames the recoil. When the weapon is fired, the recoil is transferred to the sides of the firearm rather than back into the shooter’s hand.

This system truly is unique to certain Beretta firearms, and since the 8000 is no longer in production, the Px4 (and its many variants) is the only pistol on the market today with this system, which is pretty cool.

Otherwise, the Px4 is a traditional polymer framed DA/SA handgun. The rotating barrel may have been brought over from the 8000, but in terms of the trigger and safety design the Px4 is just like the 92FS.

Joseph also notes that the PX4 Compact is of a similar size to a Glock 19, the full sized PX4 model “is similar in size and weight to a Glock 17,” and the PX4 Subcompact is sized like a Glock 26, though, the Subcompact has a tilting barrel and doesn’t have the rotating barrel.

So, knowing this information, if you tend towards contrary thinking, thinking that most people are wrong about most subjects (at least in some important way), then, the Baretta PX4 may be a firearm to consider. And if you’re someone who tends to go along with the crowd, then, the PX4’s acceptance overseas may tell you to check it out, too.


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