Home News KARMA: Soros-Supported Politician Feels Results Of Policies

KARMA: Soros-Supported Politician Feels Results Of Policies

KARMA: Soros-Supported Politician Feels Results Of Policies

Rich leftist political donors have to be laughing at the people that pay to put into office. How could they not? Those wealthy leftists get the political influence that they want, and, then, they get the entertainment of seeing the results of those policies, even on the politicians that they helped put into office.

It’s happened more than once, and it’s hard to feel sympathy for those politicians when it happens to them.

Take the recent case of a Soros-backed district attorney in New Orleans, Louisiana. Yudi Sherman writes,

Soros-backed New Orleans District Attorney Jason Williams last week was carjacked at gunpoint, an incident which is drawing more attention to the city’s crime epidemic.

Williams was helping his mother into a black Lincoln Navigator Monday night when he was approached by two men with rifles. The suspects seized the vehicle but were soon apprehended by police after they carjacked a woman nearly 30 minutes later half a mile away.

“I think it’s important to reiterate that my mother and I are just a small fraction of the number of people impacted by violence in this city,” Williams said. “We have to collectively work on crime-prevention efforts, policing efforts and our prosecution efforts.”

But many blame Williams himself for the rampant crime. When running for office in 2020 Williams vowed “social justice reforms” which included “alternatives to incarceration” and changes to the “ineffective and unfair money bail system.” 

Now, I don’t wish harm to this guy or his mother, but you have to ask yourself if this guy is actually helping his constituents when Soros paid $220,000 for attack ads against Williams opponent in that election, and “Williams dismissed 74% of felony cases, with only 4% resulting in guilty as charged convictions” (not a typo). Following years yielded similar results.

Yet, New Orleans isn’t 2A friendly, so, how are people supposed to protect themselves?

Answer: They aren’t, apparently.

The people of New Orleans deserve better than having leftist politicians who push policies that encourage crime without punishment and prevent people from being able to keep their families safe.

If you live in one of those areas, move if you can, and legally own, train with, and carry a firearm. The life that you save may be your own.


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