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Supreme Court Makes Biden A HAPPY Man?

Supreme Court Makes Biden A HAPPY Man?

If you’re a sane, intelligent, rational person, especially if you care about the Constitution, freedom, and personal liberty, then, the very thing that you don’t want is Joe Biden being happy. Why? Because Biden pushes policies that create the exact opposite of what the world needs.

Yet, our Supreme Court Of The United States just made Joe Biden a very happy man.

And that’s bad news for Americans.

So, what are the details? Matthew Vadum writes,

The Supreme Court has again reinstated on an emergency basis the Biden administration’s rule regulating so-called ghost guns that can be assembled at home.

The ruling is not the final word on the issue. The case continues in the lower courts. It could also return to the Supreme Court in the future.

“Ghost gun” is a pejorative term used by gun control advocates to describe a homemade firearm that lacks a serial number and therefore can’t be tracked by law enforcement. Although some states regulate homemade guns, gun control groups have been trying for years to ban or regulate homemade guns at the federal level but have failed to convince the U.S. Congress to act.

President Joe Biden has claimed that privately made guns, which are often made with gun kits, are the “weapons of choice for many criminals.”

Now, never mind that crime statistics don’t support Biden’s claim about criminals choosing ghost guns (criminals tend to choose stolen guns that they, then, get rid of quickly). Biden is still going to push that lie because ignorant anti-2A people want to believe it.

Politically left-leaning voters have been called “low information voters,” and that’s certainly true when it comes to guns. But the SCOTUS should know better. They do know better.

Yet, they handed down this order.


The American people deserve a return to respect for the Constitution instead of attempts to steal Americans’ rights, and whoever it is on the Court that doesn’t understand that needs to be removed from office for violation of their oath to uphold the Constitution.


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