Home Reviews Should You Pay Attention To CZ’s 600 Range Rifle In .308? [Video]

Should You Pay Attention To CZ’s 600 Range Rifle In .308? [Video]

Should You Pay Attention To CZ’s 600 Range Rifle In .308? [Video]

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While handgun sales have been exploding over the last few years (especially in microcompact sizes), many people still think of rifles of different sorts when they think of guns. And, thankfully, there is still a demand for rifles, especially for hunting and sports uses, and not just in AR-15 type platforms.

So, with this demand, there are still a number a number of manufacturers working to improve and release new models and new model variations for those people looking to add (more) rifles to their firearms collections.

CZ is one of those manufacturers, and they’ve released their Model 600 Range for those looking for accuracy at a distance. Art Merrill writes,

Long-range shooting competitors with long experience generally look askance at manufacturers’ claims for production rifle out-of-the-box MOA accuracy. But CZ-USA intends to get nods of approval from those askance-lookers with its 600 Range rifle 0.7-MOA guarantee.

CZ-USA’s sub-MOA claim for the 600 Range rifle includes the caveat, “… with match factory ammo.” Such manufacturers’ claims don’t mean with all or any factory match-grade ammo, but that some brands and bullet weights will make the MOA claim. Such claims also don’t say, “For as far as a bullet will fly,” and it’s routine for a rifle to lose some of its MOA edge at differing distances. For evaluation in a competitive shooting magazine, it seemed reasonable to shoot groups at closer range, and then to shoot for score at extended range. To summarize results here at the beginning, yes, the 600 Range rifle is fully capable of shooting High Master scores at 600 yards out-of-the-box with select ammunition.

Merrill concluded:

From the box, CZ-USA’s 600 Range has the accuracy for nearly any competition that includes the elements of centerfire slow fire shooting with a scope. The “Any rifle-Any sights” class of NRA Mid-Range prone and NRA Long-Range (1,000 yards) comes to mind, and the 600 Range conforms to the rules for an NRA Match Rifle and F-Class Rifle. The 600 Range surely qualifies for many other games, as well.

At about half the cost of a custom match bolt gun, the CZ 600 Range rifle offers an opportunity for a beginner to get into the game with a rifle fully capable of winning with quality factory ammunition. It’s a confidence-builder to know that when a shot goes wrong, we can look to ourselves and not to the rifle or ammo. MSRP for the 600 Range is only $1,199, a hunting rifle price for a competition rifle accompanied by a sub-MOA accuracy guarantee.

You can watch a video from Sportsman Gun Centre below showing even more detail about accuracy and features of this rifle.

Certainly, initial impressions of this rifle seem to be pleased with it. So, the questions with this rifle are: Are you looking for a range rifle boasting this kind of accuracy, and does this fit your budget?

If the answer to both of those questions is yes, then, the CZ Model 600 Range may be a rifle to consider.


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