Home News Kamala Harris Makes DISHONEST Call After Maine Shooting [Video]

Kamala Harris Makes DISHONEST Call After Maine Shooting [Video]

Kamala Harris Makes DISHONEST Call After Maine Shooting [Video]

There is a stereotype that lawyers are liars. Now, I’m not a fan of stereotypes, in general, but if you’re looking for the poster child for a lawyer that lies, then, it seems pretty likely that you’ll come up with a number of politicians. And many people would point, specifically, at current Vice President Kamala Harris as a perfect example.

I’ll let you decide whether you think that she is a liar, but one thing is certainly clear, in calls that she made for gun confiscation in America after the horrible shootings in Maine recently, she wasn’t being the least bit honest about those being effective to reduce gun crime. You can watch the video below (hat tip to here for the lead).

Now, she’s right that the shootings in Maine were horrible, that they shouldn’t have happened. We all agree on that, regardless of our different views on the Second Amendment.

Where she is being dishonest, though, is that she is proposing to confiscate guns like Australia did and gives the idea that Australia’s gun confiscation and gun control reduced gun violence in that country.

But it didn’t. In fact, it showed no affect on the trend in crime in Australia. If you need more information before you believe me, then, just read here, here, and here (okay, that last link has a video, too).

So, Australia’s efforts to push gun control haven’t had any impact on reducing crime which means that, yes, Harris was being blatantly dishonest.

What she doesn’t tell you is the real effects of gun control in Australia. Edward Teach gives us those details:

Aussies get dragged into court for “misgendering,” their autistic girls get suspended for not wanting boys to use their restroom, and they have their church services interrupted by the Gestapo checking face masks. The government investigates cops who think there’s only male and female, the government censors free speech, the government arrests pregnant women for Facebook posts, the government has access to your social media, and the government fines anyone they don’t arrest for anything they deem noncompliance.

Oh, and you’ll notice that Australia only has a population of 26 million people, mostly homogenous, spread out across an entire continent. If you look at mass murder sprees, the gun ban did absolutely nothing to change them because people can use anything as a weapon. Like most western countries between 2000 and 2020, the murder rate went down, but they traded in their guns for safety and now have total tyranny. Fun!

Now, whatever your opinion on any of the issues that Teach mentions, I’d like to think that we can all agree that governments enforcing group thinking by making illegal any different thoughts than they approve of is a dangerous precedent. And it goes completely against the U.S. Constitution’s First Amendment.

In other words, we can’t allow Harris to have her way with implementing gun control because every American suffers if she gets that wish.


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