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What Does New Speaker Of The House Mean For The 2nd Amendment

What Does New Speaker Of The House Mean For The 2nd Amendment

Second Amendment supporters and Republicans in general have been hoping and praying for an actual Constitutional conservative Speaker of the House since the Republicans took back control of that chamber of Congress, but with little success. Conservatives were disappointed with recently ousted Speaker Kevin McCarthy who many saw as just another RINO which, in practice, acted not much better than a Democrat in Republican clothing.

But, now, there is a new Speaker of the House, and you may be wondering if the new guy is any different than the boring big-government, willing to compromise with Democrats centrists that got us to where we are now: a place where anti-gunners (and Democrats, in general) get their way except when a court actually does their job by throwing out unconstitutional legislation.

It’s a great question. Fortunately, for you, S.T. Karnick has some background for you, Karnick writes,

For taxpayers, [new Speaker Mike Johnson being willing to fight Democrats’ efforts] would be the best news in many, many years. Bringing Democrats’ level of enthusiasm, tenacity, and unparalleled political acumen to a fight for a smaller national government and a respect for individual rights might just save the nation — if anything can.

Johnson is a solid conservative and a constitutional scholar with lifetime ratings of 92% from the American Conservative Union and 90% from Heritage Action. In 2020, Johnson argued that states’ unconstitutional changes in voting procedures in a supposed response to COVID-19 invalidated their elector slates. 

Karnick continues:

Johnson’s proposed approach would set up a stark conflict with the Democrat-majority Senate and spending fanatic Joe Biden. As that indicates, Johnson does not subscribe to the bipartisanship myth that has served as the basis for big-government uniparty rule for decades.

“In Biden’s first two years, Johnson voted against a slew of bipartisan bills — including to establish a Jan. 6 independent commission, the infrastructure law, reauthorization of the Violence Against Women Act, a modest new gun law and the CHIPS and Science Act,” NBC News reported. In addition, “He voted against bipartisan legislation to codify same-sex marriage, which Biden signed into law in 2022” and “has a spotless history of voting against legal abortion,” NBC News observed.

I’ll just note, if NBC calls a gun control law “modest,” that means the law was most likely a fanatical and insane attempt to restrict our Second Amendment rights. Which means that it sounds like Johnson may be the best thing to happen to legal gun owners in America in a number of years.

Time will tell, obviously, but it sounds like we have reasons to be hopeful.


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