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Trump-Appointed Judge CRUSHES Decade Old Gun-Control Law

Trump-Appointed Judge CRUSHES Decade Old Gun-Control Law

When Donald Trump was elected as President of the United States in 2016, many political leftists were terrified that Trump would do long-term damage to the country in some way. Maybe they thought that he’d use executive orders to do things that they didn’t like. Or maybe they thought that he would sign laws into place that they didn’t like.

It turns out that those political leftists may have been on to something about Trump’s impact on the country.

Now, I’m not suggesting that he hurt our country, especially in comparison to the administration that followed him into the White House and the damage that they’ve done. But Trump certainly did have a long-term affect on our country, just not the way that they probably expected.

He did it through the judges that he appointed.

And a Trump judge just crushed a gun control law that had been in place for ten years. It’s a beautiful thing. Yudi Sherman writes,

A federal appeals court Tuesday struck down a decade-old law in Maryland which requires Americans to first obtain a license before owning a handgun.

According to the Firearms Safety Act 2013, Maryland taxpayers who wish to own a handgun must first obtain a “handgun qualification license.” To do so, they need to submit an application and fingerprints for a background investigation, take a four-hour firearms safety training course, and wait up to 30 days for approval from the state. Even if approved, the taxpayer is only allowed to own the handgun. To carry it, a carrying permit must be obtained through an additional application process. 

Gun rights groups such as Maryland Shall Issue, along with individual stakeholders, sued Maryland Governor Wes Moore in 2016 over the law but lost the case.

But this week a three-judge panel in the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals overturned the lower court’s decision and found that the law violates the Second Amendment.

“In Maryland, if you are a law-abiding person who wants a handgun, you must wait up to thirty days for the state to give you its blessing,” wrote Trump-appointee Judge Julius Richardson in the majority opinion. “Until then, there is nothing you can do; the issue is out of your control. Maryland has not shown that this regime is consistent with our Nation’s historical tradition of firearm regulation.”

Good for Judge Sherman and the other judges who were of the majority opinion. That’s exactly how all gun control laws should be handled in court: crushed.

Why? Because the Second Amendment is absolute. You absolutely have the right to keep and to bear arms.

Anti-2A zealots and their cronies in government and the mainstream legacy media keep trying to take them from you, though.

But the affect of a Trump-appointed judge shows how important it is for Americans to be sure that those elected take their oath of office seriously and will, therefore, appoint judges that also take their oaths of office seriously, too.


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