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TWISTED Reason 1 Mass Shooter Did It

TWISTED Reason 1 Mass Shooter Did It

If you ever want to do a quick study on bias in the media, it’s easy. Simply do a web search for motivations for mass shootings, and you’ll find lots of listings. And you’ll notice that all of those listings by the mainstream legacy media are an effort to make guns, political conservatives, and libertarians in America look bad.

But try to find something that makes political leftists look bad, and it’s crickets. Those reasons don’t tend to be reported, and those search results are obscured.

And today’s story is one of those situations where you aren’t hearing much, if any, reporting about the motives of a mass shooter in Louisville, Kentucky. See if you can guess why that is. Zachary Stieber writes,

A man who carried out a mass shooting this year said in his journal that he wanted politicians to enact gun control.

Connor Sturgeon, who gunned down five people in April in the bank that employed him and left others wounded, said in the journal that he viewed his life as pointless and felt a need to make an impact, noting that issues important to him included climate change, inflation, and access to guns.

Mr. Sturgeon wrote that his goals included telling his story and “stop[ping] gun violence,” according to pages released by the Louisville Metro Police Department. His story included being able to buy a gun but wanting politicians to “stop letting anyone buy guns or this will keep happening.”

What an absolutely sick and twisted reason to do it. And Sturgeon even said in his journals that he was sick, but he so desperately wanted to make a difference in the world that he decided to do something horrible.

Well, he made a difference. Just not a good one. It’s so sad and warped.

You’ll notice that background checks didn’t stop this guy from committing murder. Just like they don’t stop anyone else who has it in their head to do horrible things. The only thing that stops someone with the intent to kill is the ability of someone else to stop the threat. And that’s nearly always with another firearm (because it’s not easy to get close to someone shooting at you, is it?).

And, of course, it’s pretty unlikely that you had heard this guy’s reasons for shooting people before now. It just doesn’t fit the mainstream legacy media’s desired narrative to blame guns and peaceful gun owners. So, we have to keep educating people on the truth that guns aren’t the problem. Sick and twisted thinking, like this guy had, are the problem, and the lack of the ability to shoot back means more people die in these situations.


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