Home News Court Rules To Make Gun Owners In 1 State EASY TARGETS

Court Rules To Make Gun Owners In 1 State EASY TARGETS

Court Rules To Make Gun Owners In 1 State EASY TARGETS

One of the most offensive viewpoints of anti-2A bureaucrats and politicians, including activist judges (those who legislate from the bench instead of actually ruling in line with the law, especially the Constitution), is the complete and utter contempt that they have for those who care about liberty and the law. It’s appalling.

And, yet, those bureaucrats and politicians think that it’s perfectly acceptable to violate even more rights of the liberty-minded, such as gun owners.

In fact, a recent legal ruling in California went out of its way to, basically, say that the right to privacy in that state doesn’t apply to gun owners. Dave Urbanski writes,

A California appeals court ruled that the state can continue providing gun owners’ personal information to gun violence researchers, which the Associated Press said reversed a lower court judge’s 2022 decision that sharing such data violates privacy rights.

Democrat Gov. Gavin Newsom in 2021 signed into law a measure allowing the state’s Department of Justice to share identifying information of more than 4 million gun owners with qualified research institutions to help them better study gun violence, accidents, and suicides, the AP said.

The information includes data such as names, addresses, phone numbers, and criminal records, all of which are collected during background checks, the AP said.

That’s right, California Gavin Newsom and whoever was in the appeals court decided that people in California don’t have privacy. At all.

It’s unbelievable.

And hypocritical.

The same people who push to make gun owners known to whoever those evil politicians and bureaucrats want to share that information with are the same group that push to gender transition children medically (as in drugs and surgery) and for minor children to have abortions without the children’s parents even knowing what is going on.

No matter what your views on any of these issues, it’s clear that Newsom and this appeals court only believe that privacy applies when it involves their pet issues and not to all citizens.

Everyone in the California government who voted for this rights violation should be impeached.


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