EMBARRASSING Way 1 Criminal Got Caught By Police

Today’s story isn’t so much a story to give advice to our average reader. After all, the overwhelming majority of legal gun owners (which is who we’re talking to), are law-abiding and have a likelihood of committing a crime that is lower even than law enforcement officers (and I’m not inclined to think that law enforcement officers tend to be criminals).

Having said that, if you’re going to commit a crime, such as robbery at gunpoint, do gun owners a favor and don’t get caught in such a stupid and embarrassing way as the subject of today’s story. Carlos Garcia writes,

The New York Police Department said police were able to identify a robbery suspect and arrest him by the colorful underwear that was sticking out of his pants on surveillance video.

Garcia continues:

Prosecutors said that Hussein wore distinctive clothes that were captured on video both inside the shop and outside, including underwear with a large white letter “R” and yellow text reading “1990.”

Apparently, Hussein neglected to change his identifiable underwear.

Prosecutors said that a few days later an anonymous tipster contacted police and told them that the crooks were trying to sell the items they had stolen. That tipster also provided the Instagram account of Hussein to police.

When police reviewed the surveillance footage from the same day as the robbery based on the tip, they saw that Hussein was wearing what appeared to be the same underwear while trying to sell the items. 

That’s right, this guy was caught because his underwear was that distinctive and because it was visible both during the robbery and while he was trying to sell the stolen items.

I’m sure that his mother was mortified by the fact that he was wearing the same underwear and flashing it to the public.

Yet, this goofball had accomplices with guns and had his own weapons charges, too.

The lesson in this story (keep your underwear in your pants) isn’t why we recommend that legal gun owners stay under the radar if at all possible to avoid harassment from anti-2A bureaucrats and politicians, but it sure gives a clear example of what not to do to stay under the radar.

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