Home News Try Not To Laugh As CLOWN Tries To Criticize Gun Owners

Try Not To Laugh As CLOWN Tries To Criticize Gun Owners

Try Not To Laugh As CLOWN Tries To Criticize Gun Owners

Leave it to politicians and media pundits who think that they’re better than you and me to try to be glib and to try to be insulting in their efforts to make their side of the issues look better.

Now, sometimes that can work. After all, “fake news” in reference to the mainstream legacy news media has become a common phrase in the everyday American’s vocabulary. Probably, in part, because it’s so often true when you think about how those media outlets only try to push one viewpoint on an issue (which, interestingly, always leans hard towards the political left).

And maybe that’s why today’s story is about how a left-wing political pundit from MSNBC (of course) is trying to coin a phrase in an effort to make everyday, hardworking Americans without left-wing values (which, overwhelmingly, means legal gun owners are part of who he means) look bad.

And it just made him look silly.

The details come from bestselling author Robert Ringer. Ringer writes,

The latest invention from endlessly creative Democrats is “rural rage,” which they see as the cause of all of America’s problems.  Let’s face it, rural folks are downright dangerous.  They not only own pickup trucks and American flags, they also have guns.  Lots of guns.  And, above all, they’re angry.  Very angry.

While on a recent day pass from his nursing home, long-irrelevant Chris Matthews explained that the uneducated masses are angry at the liberal establishment and coastal elites, and for civilized people (like him) to push back against them is akin to fighting terrorism.  He stopped short of saying that they’re as dangerous as parents at school board meetings or people who pray outside of Planned Parenthood offices, but he implied as much.  Rural rage is scary stuff.

There’s only one problem with this latest Democrat narrative:  It’s not just rural folks who are angry.  Today, everyone is angry.  So angry that 78 percent of voters believe the country is headed in the wrong direction, and an overwhelming majority believe the economy is going to get worse.

That’s right. According to MSNBC pundit Chris Matthews and his leftist political cronies, people like you and me who are sick of people like him trying to steal our firearms, brainwash both our children and us, and make us dependent on government instead of being able to live independently without harassment (so long as we don’t trample anyone else’s rights) are ignorant backwoods rednecks. (Obviously, Matthews never met my father, who actually was from Appalachia, who had a college degree, and who was so intelligent that he both qualified for the game show Jeopardy twice and would crush our family in Trivial Pursuit when we all tried to gang up on one team against him. My father was clearly much more intelligent than Matthews ever dreamed of being.)

But, much like punk rockers took that criticism as a badge of honor and wore the term “punk” with pride when people tried to criticize them, I’ll happily take on the label of having “rural rage” especially when the contrast is leftist “intelligence” which we all knows means having no clue about reality and how it works.

So, Matthews is a clown, and I’ll take my rural rage over being a stooge for failed leftist ideologies like he is.


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