You Won’t Believe What Leftist Group Is Griping About

We truly live in a world where so many people have absolutely no grasp on reality. Now, I’m not even talking about subjects, in this case, that would cause the thought police to want to censor what we’re talking about (more than they already try because we’re talking positively about guns and gun ownership).

No, I’m talking about the fact that so many people on the left side of the political aisle have no answers for how to prevent problems and, then, freak out when rational people have answers. Maybe especially when that answer involves people legally carrying firearms.

I’m not kidding. Carlos Garcia writes,

Socialists and anti-police activists spoke out against the use of armed police officers at the Central Library in San Antonio, Texas, in order to counteract a dramatic increase in attacks by homeless people.

Garcia continues:

Officials instituted a pilot program where an armed police officer would walk around the San Antonio Central Library for about ten hours a day [after there were 18 incidents that occurred at the library including one staff member being kicked in the face].

Socialists and other community members were outraged and expressed their fury at a board meeting in December.

“The library is one of the last truly public and free spaces where people have access to a plethora of resources,” Ruby Jimenez, a member of the Party for Socialism and Liberation, told the board.

“By allowing police in these spaces, we’re adding a level of needless intimidation and quite literal violence to these spaces.”

Anti-police activists also said that the presence of an armed and uniformed police officer could cause people from marginalized communities to be intimated.

Again, from Garcia:

Jimenez went on to tell the board that her group preferred a social worker trained in de-escalation tactics instead of a police officer.

That’s right, the socialists want someone who can’t prevent violence to be who is there in order to try to prevent people who have been doing violence from doing violence.

This is almost an Abbott & Costello comedy routine, it’s so absurd. Forget “Who’s on first?” Now, it’s “How can we make sure that more violence occurs while pretending we’re doing something to prevent it?”

These people are living in a vision of the world from the 1960s through that haze of hallucinogenic drugs that they’re still taking.

Look, the way that you stop someone with violent tendencies from committing violence again is that they have to be scared that they’ll be the one getting hurt if they try to hurt someone, and you have to be able to actually back up that threat.

That’s why so many defensive gun uses don’t require firing a shot. It’s because the would-be attacker knows that you can. And that’s the point of having armed police officers there.

But leftist political activists don’t live in the real world. It’s just unbelievable the nonsense that they advocate for.

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