Gun Stats They REALLY Don’t Want You To Know

Have you ever seen someone cherrypick the information that they want you to know? Sure you have. Every time that you watch the legacy mainstream news media, you see information that has been cherrypicked, taken out of context, and given as if it’s the whole story, and they do this to mislead people into believing what they want you to believe.

And one of the areas that the legacy mainstream news media does this most in is the issue of legal gun ownership and crime.

They want you to believe that guns cause crimes and that legal gun owners having guns somehow, magically, causes more gun crimes.

Is that true? They certainly want you to believe that.

The truth is far different, though, as illustrated from a recent story out of Canada. Chandra Philip writes,

While the rate of homicides involving a firearm has increased in Canada, those crimes are not usually committed by people who have a licence for the weapon, according to a Statistics Canada report.

“The firearms used in homicides were rarely legal firearms used by their legal owners who were in good standing,” said the report, titled Firearms and Violent Crime in Canada 2022.

Philip continues:

“In most firearm-related homicides, the accused did not have a valid firearm licence for the class of firearm used” the report said.

“Among the homicides for which the information was available, the accused had a licence in 13 percent (16 of 119 homicides) of homicides involving a handgun and in 12 percent (7 of 59) of homicides involving a rifle or shotgun.”

In the cases where an illegally obtained weapon was used, most had never been “legally owned” in Canada, StatCan said.

Now, while these specific statistics are from Canada, they mirror the way that gun crime works everywhere. Overwhelmingly, criminals in the U.S. don’t go through legal methods to get firearms, especially firearms used for crimes, either.

And that just proves once again that gun control doesn’t have a snowball’s chance of reducing or stopping violent crime because criminals, by definition, don’t obey the laws. Only law-abiding people (the kind of people who use firearms to protect themselves and other people) obey the law.

This is such a simple concept to understand, but it seems pretty clear that those who favor gun control do that because they don’t want to understand the incontrovertible truth that the only people that gun control keeps safe are criminals.

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