Home News Is 1 State Trying To Get Their People KILLED?

Is 1 State Trying To Get Their People KILLED?

Is 1 State Trying To Get Their People KILLED?

There are a number of subjects on which people are zealots, and, as you know, the subject of guns is one of them.

Now, it doesn’t take long to figure out that, like zealots on many other subjects, the folks who are fanatical about gun control, about taking away our Second Amendment rights, have little to no experience with or understanding of guns.

They are operating out of ignorance.

But the fact of the matter is that what you don’t know can hurt, can, in fact, get you (or someone else) killed. Because when you act out of ignorance, you take actions that may have consequences that you are too ignorant to know are coming down the pike.

And you have to wonder if the legislators in one state, because they are acting out of their (intentional?) ignorance, are trying to get their constituents killed. Michael Clements writes,

The Massachusetts legislature is closer to bulking up the state’s already stringent gun laws by passing S.2572, the act to “Sensibly Address Firearms Violence Through Effective Reform,” the SAFER Act. This bill contains most of the gun control movement’s top priorities.

Members of the state Senate’s Republican minority say they agree with most of the SAFER Act, but expressed concern that there were no public hearings on the proposed legislation before Thursday’s debate.

The Senate approved the bill on a vote of 37 to 3.

Now, just a side note: If the state’s Republicans legislators agree with this nonsense, they need to be labeled the RINOs that they are and thrown out of the party.

Clements continues:

During the debate, Sen. James Eldridge (D-Middlesex/Worcester) defended the bill as “well-balanced gun safety legislation.” He said that too many people view the Second Amendment as an absolute right. Mr. Eldridge talked of touring an old mill in Littleton, Massachusetts.

Now, in case it isn’t clear, what Eldridge is saying is exactly what Democrats, in general, and their lapdogs in the legacy mainstream media keep saying as they work to make you and I defenseless from criminals and from government overreach. The people of Massachusetts and Democrat voters across the U.S. need to wake up and smell the coffee about how dangerous that thinking is.

Because a government that wants to disarm the people is a government that doesn’t want to serve the people. They want the people to serve them.


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