Could 1 Lawsuit Be The KEY To Nationwide Concealed Carry Reciprocity?

Anti-gun people desperately want to ban guns across the entire United States. You know it and I know it no matter what Joe Biden and the legacy mainstream media keeps trying to tell us. That’s just the truth.

And, so, anti-2A politicians keep pushing for more and more gun control hoping that supporters of the Second Amendment will run out of the will (or the money) to keep filing lawsuits to get gun control laws and policies thrown out in court.

But one anti-2A state has a law on the books that is currently being challenged in court, and that law may be the key to forcing concealed carry reciprocity on a nationwide level (meaning that, if you’re legal to carry a firearm in your home state, every other state would have to let you carry there, too). Ryan Morgan writes,

Gun rights activists filed a federal lawsuit on Monday, seeking to strike down New York laws that prevent nonresidents from possessing or carrying firearms in public within the state.

New York is one of a group of states that does not honor gun carry permits or licenses issued by any other states, meaning gun owners from every other state in the country cannot rely on the permits issued by their own states to demonstrate that they are allowed to carry their firearms in public in New York. In addition, non-New York residents cannot apply for a New York firearm carry permit if they don’t also own property in the state.

Gun rights groups Gun Owners of America and Gun Owners Foundation filed a lawsuit in the U.S. District Court for New York’s Northern District on Monday, seeking to challenge the New York laws and enable visitors from out of state to be able to bring their firearms into the state and carry them in public.

“Those who hold out of state driver’s licenses may drive in New York, but the exercising of one’s constitutional right to bear arms in New York State is wholly inaccessible to the 94% of Americans who are not state residents,” Gun Owners of America said in a Monday press statement. “New York is the only known state where nonresidents are not allowed to exercise their Second Amendment rights to keep and bear arms.”

Think about this situation, now. If the State of New York loses this law suit (and they really should lose it), that sets a precedent in court that can, then, be used to force every other insane gun control state (looking at you California) to allow legal gun owners from other states to carry while visiting there, too.

This case could break the back of gun control over the entire United States.

And that’s something that I (and, I suspect, you, too) am ready to see.

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