Home Gear The Arguments For Gun Owners To Use Cryptocurrencies Are The Reasons Anti-Gunners Hate It

The Arguments For Gun Owners To Use Cryptocurrencies Are The Reasons Anti-Gunners Hate It

The Arguments For Gun Owners To Use Cryptocurrencies Are The Reasons Anti-Gunners Hate It

Cryptocurrencies are controversial to many people. Some people don’t understand them and, therefore, don’t trust them. Other people hate cryptocurrencies because cryptocurrencies allow black market transactions to occur, meaning that the government can’t see the money exchange to see what people are buying.

This element of privacy is one reason that gun owners may want to consider using cryptocurrencies, and this element is exactly why anti-gunners hate cryptocurrencies: because this privacy prevents anti-gunners from running your life.

Keep in mind that we aren’t advocating breaking the law, only that you have a right to keeping your gun ownership your business, in the same way that owning a ghost gun is your business and not the government’s business.

There is another reason that gun enthusiasts may want to consider using cryptocurrencies that has nothing to do with privacy issues, though. A writer going by lothaen had this to say (emphasis in the original):

I just talked with an independent gun shop and was quite alarmed by what I heard. He relayed to me that only one payment processor would work with him to accept credit cards. Make no mistake, gun sellers are running out of time and will continue to be demonized by the tolerant left. They will silence us on all platforms, including financial. It’s only a matter of time until one of the big CC companies starts to deny business to firearms retailers. It’s inevitable. Eventually, your gun shop may say that their payment processor (based in California) canceled their account. Cash only. I can tolerate that locally. I am happy to spend anonymously, but that has downstream consequences…

That means we have to go back 30 years to ordering by mail with personal checks and money orders. In the age of E-Comerce… can you imagine the tragedy of all those shops and accessory businesses going out of business because their monetary velocity suddenly slowed to a crawl? The convenience of the internet and the ability to find what we need easily is part of the explosive growth of the firearm industry. Losing such an important component of 21st-century commerce will be yet another nail in the coffin.

Our ability to spend freely will be cut off… yet there is another way.

I urge all gun owners to begin to understand cryptocurrency.

Yes, because cryptocurrencies are electronic, they can be used to purchase without having to use cash or checks, thus allowing easier buying and selling. Of course, this is another reason that anti-gunners will desperately want to keep gun enthusiasts away from cryptocurrencies.

Remember, the people who control what is currency and how commerce can be conducted are the ones who control everything. Now may be a good time to familiarize yourself with cryptocurrency so that you can continue to buy guns and ammunition even when payment processors don’t cooperate.


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