‘World’s Best Duty Pistol’ Is FINALLY Available In The U.S. [Video]

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What do you call it when what has been called the “world’s best duty pistol” finally becomes available in the U.S.? Some would say that you call it “about darn time.” After all, the U.S. has more firearms, per capita, than any other country in the world. Why wouldn’t that gun be available here in the States.

I don’t know the answer to why it hasn’t been previously available, but I do know that the pistol that we’re talking about is, now, available in the U.S. Adam Borisenko gives us details,

The [Taurus] TS9 isn’t a new pistol, but it is new to the U.S. market. The pistol has previously only been available to purchase by military and law enforcement groups, both within Brazil and outside of it. Due to what Taurus is referring to as a sales overrun, the TS9 is now available on the American commercial market as well, albeit in limited quantities.

Frankly, in terms of modern features, the TS9 is a bit bland. Given its heritage as a law enforcement pistol, however, its bare-bones nature makes more sense. More importantly for that role, Taurus says that the pistol is rugged, reliable and has passed rigorous NATO tests.

To give more context as to the reliability of the TS9, the following video (which is the one calling the TS9 the “world’s best duty pistol”) mentions (starting at about 1:50) that one nation’s national police put 20,000 rounds through this model pistol “without a malfunction.”

That’s some pretty impressive reliability, the kind that could even make hardcore Glock fans pause to consider if they should pick up one of these, too.

And, if you want to see what is included with the TS9 if you get one of these guns, you can watch an unboxing video below.

Whatever your previous thoughts on Taurus pistols have been, it seems pretty clear that the TS9 goes a long way towards changing that perception.

So, if you’re looking for a new full-sized pistol, but don’t want a Glock, the Taurus TS9 may be one to consider.

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